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Rejuvenation of Tibetan Furniture

Since 1990 C.P.Ching Fine Oriental Arts has been providing connoisseurs and collectors with fine antiques Tibetan Furniture. Due to ever scarcer supply, rising prices and declining quality, we now introduce a selection of New Furniture to our customers that reflect the splendor of all the Best Pieces of time gone by with added new elements of painting style, subjects and vivid colors combinations. Each piece has been crafted in time honored tradition, of seasoned wood and meticulous hand painted artistry to bring forth the ever-lasting beauty of these unique works of art.

From smaller version chests to storage cabinets, each piece is priced at a fraction of the cost afforded to antique original. We are pleased to take your order for one or more items to enhance your home in Fine Living with Oriental Style.
 DescriptionItem NumberPriceAdd to Enquiry Basket
Tibetan Gau BoxNGA-001US$ 255.- 
Tibetan Gau BoxNGA-002US$ 405.- 
Tibetan Gau BoxNGA-003US$ 405.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-001US$ 360.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-002US$ 360.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-003US$ 360.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-004US$ 360.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-005US$ 360.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-006US$ 360.- 
Tibetan Miniature CabinetMCA-007US$ 360.- 
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