Oriental Fine Living / 3D Framed Arts

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Ancient Coin303-COIN23A (REL)US$108.- / HK$840.- 
Abacus118-GY-DU009A (AE)US$36.- / HK$280.- 
Ink Slab or Ink Stone151-GY-M102-1B (ROO)US$120.- / HK$935.- 
The Lun Yu, Analects or Sayings of Confucius168-GY-WCL001A (PPT)US$60.- / HK$468.- 
The Four Treasures282-GY-BW64-1D (PII)US$80.- / HK$625.- 
The Chinese Astrological Compass2179-GY-DL212A (AE)US$36.- / HK$280.- 
Mah-jong344-CP-PAD080C (PBT)US$96.- / HK$750.- 
Jade Joo-I25-GY-JADE181B (RIT)US$132.- / HK$1,030.- 
Bronze Bian Hu1705-GY-DL200A (ROO)US$120.- / HK$935.- 
Blue and White Pottery Bottle356-GY-BW138B (PRF)US$64.- / HK$500.- 
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